Environment Related

Standard against which the audit places JIS Q 14001:2015(ISO 14001:2015)
Certification Body Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers(JUSE)
Registration No. JUSE-EG-653
Registered Client TOKYO ELECTRON DEVICE LIMITED,(excluding CN BU)
(excluding CN BU)
Development, contract manufacturing control, and sales of semiconductor products, board products, related software, and general electronic components
Date of the first Registration July 14, 2004
Date of Revision July 14, 2019
Duration July 13, 2022

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ISO Integrated Management System(Quality & Environment)Policy

1.We will operate an integrated management system compatible with our business activities and seek to enhance customer satisfaction through continuous improvement activities.

2.We will strive to supply environmentally friendly products in compliance with laws,regulations,ordinances,and agreements.We will also promote activities aimed at increasing quality and conserving the environment.

3.We will promote partnership and cooperation based on a common understanding with our stakeholders and endeavor to meet their expectations appropriately.

Established August 2017
Tokyo Electron Device Limited
President:Atsushi Tokushige