Terms of Use - Notice Regarding Copyright and Trademarks

Terms of Use

All company information, product information, text, graphs, designs, marks, and logos etc (hereafter referred to as "data")of TED or its affiliate companies (hereafter referred to as "TED")appearing on the TED website (hereafter referred to as "website")is copyrighted to TED or their respective owners.

  1. All data on the TED website belongs to TED or their respective owners unless clearly stated. Material on this website is protected by copyright and can be used by customers only under the following conditions:
    • Customers may use, reproduce and download material only for their own use for non-profit activities.
    • This copyright notice must be attached to data reproduced or downloaded if used in a secondary application.
    • Customers are not permitted to alter, distribute or send data to additional parties.
  2. TED does not provide any form of warranty on data found on its website. TED will not be held responsible for any loss (including loss of profits, interruption of services, replacement fees, or loss or damage to information)resulting from the use of data provided on the website.
  3. Data provided on this website in no way means a grant of license of TED or third party copyright, patent rights, trademark rights or other intellectual property rights. No warranty will be given for breaches of the above rights, merchantability, or suitability for a particular purpose.
  4. TED will make no guarantee for the content of links provided on this website.
  5. Data provided on this website is subject to change or removal without notice.
  6. The TED website is governed and operated under Japanese law. Legal issues concerning the website are governed by Japanese law and under the exclusive jurisdiction of Japanese courts of law.

Notice Regarding Links

Notification is not required in order to link to the TED website (hereafter referred to as "website")for profit, non-profit, or intranet use, but the following must be adhered to:

  1. Links must be made to the TED top page (http://www.teldevice.co.jp/).
  2. The following links, or those suspected of being the following are strictly prohibited.
    • Links from sites that libel TED or its products, services or employees.
    • Links from sites that are offensive to public order and morals, or damage TED's reputation and/or integrity.
    • Links from sites that include illegal content or promote illegal activities.
    • Links that place our website in a frame or else obstruct the clarity of our website.
  3. Data provided on this website through external links is subject to change or removal without notice.