Privacy Policy - Protection of Personal Information

Privacy Policy

Tokyo Electron Device Limited (hereafter referred to as "TED")collects and uses personal information such as name, address, company, title, telephone number and email address in the course of its operations. TED recognizes that personal information is important and is responsible for the protection of personal information. TED fulfills this responsibility by protecting personal information according to the following policy.

  1. Personal information is stored according to Japanese Law and other regulations relating to the handling of personal information. The handling of personal information complies with generally accepted standards and is constantly improved upon.
  2. All employees receive training regarding the regulations that are enforced. Clients are also requested to handle personal information appropriately.
  3. Customers are notified when personal information has been acquired and its purpose of use and data is never used for other objectives.
  4. Personal information obtained from customers is never shared with third parties that are not subsidiaries or other business partners unless there is a legitimate reason to do so.
  5. In the case of personal information being provided to a third party, a written contract shall protect the information from being leaked or passed on by the third party except under special circumstances.
  6. Security management is put into place in order to protect against the leakage, loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information.
  7. You may request for your personal information to be disclosed, revised, erased or cancelled by contacting TED.

Policy to Safeguard Personal Information on the Website

Customer privacy and personal information collected on the TED website (hereafter referred to as "website")is treated according to a Privacy Policy, the guidelines of which are set out below.

  • Collection of Personal Information

    You can visit our website without disclosing any personal information; no personal information will be collected from the action of viewing the website. Personal information will be recorded by TED in the case of an application for seminars and conferences or for the use of services requiring membership. You will be notified beforehand about the acquisition of personal information such as your name and address and for what purposes they will be used.
  • Management of Personal Information

    Information obtained from customers is handled according to stringent information security standards. Use of stringent information security management to help prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage and leakage of your personal information.
    Measures are in place to swiftly deal with breaches in security should they occur.
  • Use of your Personal Information

    Use of your personal information by TED is for the following purposes only:
    • As a reference within TED to assist in improving products, new product development, and improving services.
    • Information services regarding TED products, technology, conferences and seminars.
    • Information services regarding products, technology, conferences, and seminars of product suppliers that have completed a written contract to protect your personal information.
    • For the distribution and pickup of TED products.
  • Inquiries about Personal Information and its Alteration and Cancellation of Use

    You can review your personal information settings and make any desired changes by any of the methods listed on the page at which you registered. Changes can be made only as soon as your identity has been confirmed by TED.
  • Persons under the age of 16 years

    Persons under the age of 16 years must have permission from a parent or guardian before supplying personal information through the TED website.
  • TED's use of cookies and Web Beacons

    Several pages within our website make use of data cookies and Web Beacons so as to provide a better service to our customers. These functions are not used if no personal information is entered, and users remain anonymous.
  • Additions

    TED protects personal information according to Japanese Laws, and as such we are constantly working to review and improve our services. TED will not be responsible for the protection of customer information held by third party websites linked to our website.