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Three Businesses and TED’s Strengths

Three Businesses

TED is a specialized trading company that provides cutting-edge semiconductors, IT systems, and other products. Manufacturing functions are currently being strengthened.

The Computer Networks (CN) Business handles mainly cutting-edge IT products and security software from Silicon Valley, and we also provide IT maintenance and monitoring services.
In the Electronic Components (EC) Business, we sell semiconductors manufactured overseas and board products with semiconductors and electronic components. In addition to trading company functions, TED also has manufacturing functions, and in the Private Brand (PB) Business, we provide design and manufacturing services for developing products according to customer specifications and develop private-brand products that can achieve automation and labor saving.

Tokyo Electron Device’s Strengths

TED focuses on high-profitability business performance, and having a Private Brand (PB) Business in particular is a unique characteristic.
The strengths of the Computer Network (CN) Business are handling highly novel and specialized IT products and security products through marketing in Silicon Valley, provision of our own maintenance and monitoring services, and provision of technology services that leverage our cutting-edge technological knowledge including AI and security.
The strengths of the Electronic Components (EC) Business are handling of semiconductor products from leading overseas manufacturers and cloud services (Microsoft Azure) , a customer portfolio of more than 2,000 companies, mainly in manufacturing industries, including manufacturers of industrial machinery and automotive devices with world-leading competitiveness, and provision of cutting-edge semiconductor technical support.
The strengths of the Private Brand (PB) Business are provision of one-stop design and mass production contracting services within the TED Group based on customer specifications covering all aspects of product development from design and development to mass production, development of manufacturing systems that achieve automation and labor saving by integrating our image processing, data science, and robotics technologies, and provision of these systems as in-house brand products.

Sales Composition

Net sales in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2023 comprised 12% from the Computer Network (CN) Business (computer systems related business), 82% from the Electronic Components (EC) Business (semiconductor and electronic device business), and 6% from the Private Brand (PB) Business. In terms of segments, the PB Business is included in the EC Business.