Investor Relations

Disclosure Policies

The Company's disclosure policies are described below.

Basic Policy on Investor Relations

TOKYO ELECTRON DEVICE LIMITED carries out active and clear investor relations activities so that shareholders and investors understand the Company's business details and performance.

Main IR Activities

IR activities Details of activities Related documents posted
Financial results briefings for analysts and institutional investors Held twice annually, after settlement for the year and the first half. Held in person at a meeting hall or on-line. Documents and videos for presentation, Questions and Answers, etc.
Company briefings for individual investors Participation in domestic events for individual investors held from time to time by securities companies. Held in person or on-line. Documents for presentation, etc.
IR-related documents posted on websites Financial results information, timely disclosure documents other than financial results information, Securities Report, Quarterly Financial Report, documents for company briefings, status of corporate governance, notice of convocation of general meeting of shareholders, investors guide, etc.

Information Disclosure Standards

The Company complies with laws and regulations on corporate information disclosures including the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the Timely Disclosure Rules established by the Tokyo Stock Exchange and strives to provide timely and appropriate disclosures of material information that may have a material impact on investment decisions. In addition, the Company precisely, fairly, and quickly discloses information deemed to be beneficial for understanding of the Company.

Disclosure Practices

Information subject to the Timely Disclosure Rules (material information) is disclosed through Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and is posted on our website at the same time that the materials are distributed to the press club at the Tokyo Stock Exchange. With regard to information not subject to the Timely Disclosure Rules, information deemed to be beneficial for investment decisions of shareholders and investors is also posted on our website.

Outline of Timely Disclosure Framework

Material information relating to the Company is centrally consolidated by the Chief Information Officer (officer in charge of administrative organizations) and ascertained and managed as a corporation. The Chief Information Officer and Information Disclosure Department (General Affairs Department) manage information in the disclosure process, by which the Company establishes a framework to prevent material information from leaking inside and outside the Company before disclosure. In addition, the Company strives to prevent insider trading through the establishment of internal rules, management of treasury stock trading by employees and others, and employee training and other programs.
If the matters approved or resolved by the Board of Directors correspond to facts of determination under the Timely Disclosure Rules, the information is promptly disclosed at the instruction of Chief Information Officer. In principle, information regarding financial results and financial result forecasts is disclosed according to the same procedure as facts of determination. With regard to facts of occurrence stipulated in the Timely Disclosure Rules, information deemed to be necessary to disclose is disclosed without delay after discussion by the President and Chief Information Officer, including discussion on the necessity of disclosure. If any circumstances require us to modify (correct or revise) the above facts of determination or facts of occurrence after disclosure, the facts shall be, in principle, promptly and timely disclosed after discussions by the President and Chief Information Officer.
In these disclosure procedures, whether material information is timely and appropriately disclosed in accordance with the required process is monitored in terms of establishment of information management and legality of disclosure procedures through interviews with the Information Disclosure Department by an internal audit organization (Internal Audit Department).