Investor Relations

Dialogue with shareholders

Policies on constructive dialogue with shareholders

The Company considers that it is important to conduct constructive dialogue with shareholders and deepen ideas and understanding on both sides to enhance corporate value. The Company responds proactively to shareholders’ requests for dialogue (interviews) after inquiring about the purposes and outline of the dialogue in advance.

  • Executives in charge
    The Company recognizes that constructive dialogue with shareholders is important. The President and the director in charge of the Corporate Administration Division attend major meetings such as investor meetings to respond.
  • Internal framework for dialogue
    The first contact point for shareholders is the IR Department for analysts and institutional investors and the General Affairs Department for individual shareholders. A framework is established where the relevant departments support dialogue with shareholders as needed.
  • Dialogue other than specific interviews
    The Company makes efforts to enrich dialogue other than through specific interviews by attending investor meetings for analysts and institutional investors and investor meetings for individual shareholders held by stock exchanges and securities companies.
  • Feedback to the Board of Directors
    After the shareholder interviews are held, the President and the director in charge of IR report the details in the Board of Directors meeting as needed, where the information is shared among the directors and there is discussion about the future direction of management and IR measures.
  • Information management framework for dialogue
    The Company has established rules concerning insider information management, and takes care to prevent leakage of pre-disclosure information during dialogue. It also appropriately discloses necessary information to shareholders in accordance with the timely disclosure system.

Initiatives toward ensuring active general meetings of shareholders and smooth exercise of voting rights

Initiatives Supplemental explanation
Early sending out of convocation notices of general meetings of shareholders Make efforts to send out the notices generally at least one week prior to the statutory date. Before sending the notices, efforts are made to post them on the websites of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Company.
Holding general meetings of shareholders avoiding dates on which many other companies hold shareholders meetings Hold the shareholders meetings 5 to 10 business days prior to dates on which many other companies hold shareholders meetings.
Exercise of voting rights by electronic method Shareholders are able to exercise their voting rights via the Internet in addition to the conventional way of exercise by mail.
Initiatives toward participating in an electronic voting platform and improving the environment for exercise of voting rights by institutional investors Use the electronic voting platform for institutional investors operated by ICJ, Inc.
Providing notices of convocation (summaries) in English Prepare notices of convocation of general meetings of shareholders (summaries) in English which are posted on TDnet, the above electronic voting platform, and the Company’s website.
Other The “Hybrid Participation-type Virtual Shareholders Meeting” has been introduced for meetings, whereby shareholders that are unable to come to the venue on the day of the meeting can view the live stream of the meeting via the Internet.