July 29, 2015

High-speed projector “DynaFlash” at the fastest level in the world is jointly developed by University of Tokyo and Tokyo Electron Device Limited – 8-bit image projection up to 1,000fps –

Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, University of Tokyo and Tokyo Electron Device Limited (TED) (Address: Kanagawa 221-0056, Japan, President: Atsushi Tokushige, Capital: 2,495.75 million yen) have jointly developed a high-speed projector at the fastest level in the world which can project 8-bit images up to 1,000fps.

■ Background

 In the application fields including projection mapping, digital signage, user interface, AR (Augmented Reality), and so on, the projector technology for the image projection to the real-world object has become important. Also, in the industrial application fields such as robot applications, there are various developments of the image sensing systems which consists of a camera and a projector. However, the conventional projectors supposes to project to a static target such as a flat screen. Therefore, although they have high image quality, the frame rate, mainly targeted as 30-120 fps, is not enough performance for the applications described above.

■ Abstract about the development

 Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory, University of Tokyo and TED have conducted join research to speed up the frame rate of the projector since 2014/5. As a result of this research, we have developed a working prototype of the high-speed projector “DynaFlash”. Also we have realized a projection mapping system for dynamic moving objects.

1. 8-bit-level image projection up to 1,000fps

 The developed high-speed projector projects 8-bit-level images up to 1,000 fps with the minimum delay of 3 ms using Texas Instruments DLP® digital micromirror device (DMD) and high-brightness LED. Newly developed high-speed processing modules installed in FPGA control the two devices and this technology enables the performance of high frame rate. Moreover, our own original module of the communication interface is mounted in a computer and transfers images at high speed. This reduces the delay from the image generation to projection within 3 ms at the best performance.

2. New applications in the integration of high-speed projector and high-speed vision

 As a first example application, we have realized a projection mapping system for the high-speed moving objects. This system recognizes the position of the object by the high-speed vision and projects images to the object with no delay using the high-speed projector. Conventional display technologies have no enough speed performance compared with the motion speed of the object. This causes the large misaligned gap in the interaction of the image projection to the moving object. Our system solves this problem based on the high-speed processing performance.

[Future plan]

TED plans to sell the high-speed projector “DynaFlash”as an original brand “inrevium” in the summer of 2016. Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory aims at the development of the new applications by integrating the high-speed projector and the high-speed vision that has ever been developed. The possible applications are not only the no-delay image projection to a moving object but also the sensing with the order of millisecond, for example three-dimensional measurement, whose moment cannot be perceived by human eyes.

The parts of this research was based on the results in JST Strategic Basic Research Programs CREST “Creation of Human-Harmonized Information Technology for Convivial Society”.

The demonstration video can be accessed from the YouTube.

*DLP® is registered trademark of Texas Instruments.

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