March 24, 2015

TOKYO ELECTRON DEVICE announces the release of TB-7Z-ISDK, a development kit for industrial grade SoM that shortens the development time of FA devices such as Machine Vision

Yokohama, Japan, March 24, 2015 - Tokyo Electron Device Limited (TED) announces the launch of the new TB-7Z-ISDK, a development kit for the industrial grade system on module (SoM) TB-7Z-IAE.

Sample image of the TB-7Z-ISDK in use
Sample image of the TB-7Z-ISDK in use

Background of development

In recent years, for the development of industrial equipment, such as production facilities and inspection equipment, the flexible support of multiple industrial networks and high system performance is required to further support the enhancement of data throughput via networked equipment. More than ever before, more complicated and high-performance system development with minimum risks and reduced costs is required

The functions and applications for the TB-7Z-ISDK development kit for industrial grade SoM

TB-7Z-ISDK are offered under the TED original products brand name “inrevium”, and it acts as a development kit and an evaluation environment for the industrial grade SoM TB-7Z-IAE.
The industrial grade SoM TB-7Z-IAE, the development base of the TB-7Z-ISDK, comes with a compact 60W×85D mm design, and offers “made in Japan” high performance and high reliability, assured by various environmental tests for mass production. The TB-7Z-IAE is equipped with both Xilinx Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC and 2ch Gigabit Ethernet, and can support special protocols, such as those of industrial networks, without changing board design, even when such protocols are revised. In addition, as it is equipped with industrial grade devices that support an enhanced operation temperature range, the TB-7Z-IAE can flexibly accommodate a wide range of applications. With the TB-7Z-IAE, TED plans to support the various types of OS that are used in an industrial equipment system.
By using higher quality mass-production board with the TB-7Z-ISDK evaluation environment, customers can shorten the time it takes to get their products to market with drastically reduced costs.

Sample designs are supplied to shorten the development time

TB-7Z-ISDK comes with reference designs free of charge which enables construction of a Machine Vision system without using a PC. Sample images imported to the TB-7Z-ISDK from a compatible camera are also supplied, and the user can start the development of Zynq PS software or Zynq PL logic, from the image-processing stage, thus shortening development time.

Targets and shipping schedule

TED offers the TB-7Z-ISDK, a development kit for industrial grade SoM, for developers of various FA devices, such as Machine Vision, that employ FA network protocols. TED will start accepting orders for the TB-7Z-ISDK from April 2015.

【TB-7Z-ISDK product photo】
TB-7Z-ISDK product photo

【TB-7Z-ISDK functions, specifications and block diagram】

【TB-7Z-IAE product photo】
TB-7Z-ISDK product photo

【TB-7Z-IAE functions, specifications and block diagram】

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