June 14, 2010

TOKYO ELECTRON DEVICE ANNOUNCES Release of TB-6V-LX760-LSI LSI Development Test Platform with Virtex-6 FPGA - Ideal test platform for developing high-density and high-speed LSIs using the Targeted Design Platform concept from Xilinx -

Yokohama, Japan, Jun. 14, 2010 - Tokyo Electron Device Limited (TED) has today announced the release of the TB-6V-LX760-LSI LSI development test platform featuring a Xilinx Virtex®-6 FPGA.

Released under TED's inrevium* brand, the TB-6V-LX760-LSI incorporates a Virtex-6 LX760 FPGA which features maximum density, high speed internal logic and high bandwidth interface. These features allow the TB-6V-LX760-LSI to combine higher bandwidth and performance with lower power consumption. With high-speed memory (DDR3 SDRAM 1066 Mbps) and a USB interface included as standard features together with support for a DDR memory controller and the standard DDR PHY interface (DFI), the new TB-6V-LX760-LSI is an ideal test platform for developing the LSIs that will serve as the core device in products featuring the next generation of high-quality image processing engines or video and communications control engines.

The TB-6V-LX760-LSI is one of the domain platforms developed by TED in accordance with the Targeted Design Platform concept promoted by Xilinx. Because the platform provides ten industry-standard FPGA mezzanine card (FMC)*1 connectors, it can be flexibly customized to support a range of different interfaces by attaching other FMC cards available from TED, which include LVDS interface cards, pin-header conversion cards, and Ethernet interface cards. Similarly, multiple boards can be stacked via the main expansion I/O to support even larger scale developments.

By using the TB-6V-LX760-LSI in conjunction with the supplied reference designs, the development workload associated with tasks such as FPGA design and application software can be reduced significantly to help bring new end-products to market more quickly.

For the future, TED intends to release a series of daughter boards to support interfaces such as USB 3.0.

*1 The FPGA mezzanine cards (FMCs) comply with the VITA standard

TB-6V-LX760-LSI Features

- Incorporates a Virtex-6 Series LX760 FPGA device which is one of the largest FPGAs currently available
- High-speed on-board DDR3 SDRAM (1066 Mbps)
- Multiple boards can be stacked to further expand the FPGA size
- A large number of FMC connectors are provided to support a wide range of different interfaces
- Supports configuration from an SD card
- Various reference designs are available, including for a DDR3 SDRAM interface

Key Functions of the Virtex-6 LX760 FPGA

- Suitable for SoC development with maximum logic gate size, internal memory and DSP function
- High speed 1066Mbps memory interface
- Wide-band parallel interface utilizing 1.4 Gbps SelectIO™ technology

TB-6V-LX760-LSI Product Photograph

Key TB-6V-LX760-LSI Specifications

- FPGA: XC6VLX760-2FFG1760
- Configuration:
・ Configuration from SD card
- Memory:
・ DDR3 SDRAM 1 Gbit x 4
・ SPI flash 256 Mbit
- Interfaces
・ USB 2.0
・ I2C
- Option connectors: FMC x 10
・ FMC LPC (low pin count) connectors x 10
(Note: Not all of the LPC pins connect to the FPGA.)
(Note: RocketIO is not connected.)
- Push-button switches x 4
- LED x 16
- DIPO switches x 8
- Power supply

Block diagram

Pricing and Availability

Orders of the inrevium Virtex-6 LX760 FPGA will be accepted from the date of this news release. And full-scale deliveries from late June 2010 through distributors world wide. For pricing information, or TED’s distributors.

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Leveraging on rich design and development experiences accumulated at its design development center that was established in 1985, Tokyo Electron Device is focusing on development businesses through its “inrevium” brand to provide design services (commissioned designing services) based on customer requirements as well as self-developed products that anticipate future market needs. Currently, TED provides over 80 types of products.
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