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Automatic Ball-type Heat Exchanger Cleaning System

JET.CAViTY is a new mechanical high-speed waste water “membrane separation high-pressure flotation” filtration system that does not use microbes or chemicals.

Features1: Low running costs

What is “Automatic Ball-type Heat Exchanger Cleaner ”?

- Breaks down dirt, reduces sludge by around 80%
- Mechanical filtration requiring no chemicals

* Waste water processing capacity: 100 t/ day * Compared to 75 kg/day aluminum sulphate (AI2(SO4)3), 30 kg/day sodium hydroxide (NaOH), 20 working days/month * The above conditions may vary depending on environmental and operating conditions.

JLow running costs
Features2: InsuNo odors, aeration tank, variations
InsuNo odors, aeration tank, variations

- No waste water retention,high-speed filtering, no odors.

- No bioactive components, no variation in filtration capability with changing seasons.

- High water pressure breaks down dirt, no aeration tank required.

Features3: Space saving, expandable

- Compact, space-saving design, easy, quick installation.

- Easy to install with existing pool-type filtration, easy to match your budget.

Automatic cleaning

Product system

JET.CAViTY is cutting-edge waste water treatment technology that removes P/H2, SS, BOD, COD and oil etc.

Product system
Product system

The difference point between existing waste water filtration method?

Product system
Product system