Product Lineup

Careful selection of top suppliers providing optimum products

The best products chosen from the world’s top suppliers meet customer needs and increase product value.

Semiconductor Solutions


Microprocessors, DSPs, memory ICs, ASICs, FPGAs, PLDs, security applications, peripheral LSIs, image processors, telecom applications, wireless ICs, sensor ICs, AD/DA,s logic ICs (and interfaces), clock/timing ICs, analog ICs/power supply ICs, inductors/discrete devices, telecom/network applications, RF/microwave applications, optical devices, other


Software solutions / Electronic components

operating systems, BIOSs, development tools, RTOSs, CPU boards, media processor boards, interface boards, high-speed communication boards, evaluation boards, Panel PCs, LCDs/plasma panels, power supplies, connectors, IC sockets, storage devices, measuring instruments, energy harvesting, other


IT Solutions

Network solutions

Application traffic managers, datacenter/campus switches, firewalls, DHCP/DNS appliances, VPN appliances, hardware security modules, other


Storage solutions

SAN fabric switches, backup appliances, tape libraries, flash memory storage, cluster storage, storage security appliances, other


Software solutions

In-memory databases, embedded database engines, DWH, distributed databases, media server, other