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Development abilities to meet customer needs

Drawing on the technology and experience accumulated from many years of association with the Tokyo Electron Group, our Design & Development Center provides outsourced design/development support and develops our original ‘inrevium’ brand products.

Design Service Graf

Design Service (inrevium design service)

Efficient design and development of LSIs and boards

product development centers photo One of the largest product development centers in the industry, the Design & Development Center has the capacity to provide the optimum development for customer needs. Its Design Service helps create devices such as FPGAs (field-programmable gate arrays), ASICs (application-specific ICs), boards, drivers, firmware and IP (intellectual property).

Original brand products(inrevium brand products)

Developing high added-value products for leading-edge fields

inrevium products photo The wide range of products we develop under our original ‘inrevium’ brand name include products driven by our proprietary technologies, high value-added product combinations from our linecards, cutting-edge products developed by collaborations among industry, academia and government, and general-purpose products to meet market needs.

Design & Development Center

Development Center photo Opened in 1985, the Design & Development Center uses its wealth of experience and the latest equipment to provide customized customer design services, and develop products under our original ‘inrevium’ brand name. To support a wide range of applications such as digital AV, communication, computer peripherals and office automation, the Center has designed and developed a large quantity of software and large-scale, high-quality LSIs with over millions of gates. Its services have been highly rated by customer.

inrevium Tokyo Electron Device markets proprietary information, technology and services under our original ‘inrevium’ brand name. The name was created by combining the first letters of the words ‘intellectual’ and ‘revolutionary’, with the suffix ‘-ium’ (‘element’) added. It signifies our ongoing mission to help solve customer problems and aid their business activities through our groundbreaking proprietary information, technology and services.

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